What are the hyponyms for occupier?

Hyponyms for occupier

dalesman outlier suburbanite Alexandrian housemate owner-occupier tenant coaster inmate sojourner townsman colonial metropolitan stater towner

Definitions for occupier

  • noun - a member of a military force who is residing in a conquered foreign country
  • noun - someone who lives at a particular place for a prolonged period or who was born there
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    Synonyms for occupier

    resident occupant

    Antonyms for occupier

    No antonyms found for occupier.

    Holonyms for occupier

    No holonyms found for occupier.

    Hypernyms for occupier

    military personnel denizen serviceman inhabitant indweller military man habitant man dweller

    Meronyms for occupier

    No meronyms found for occupier.

    Sounds like occupier

    occupier oosphere oospore osprey