old man

What are the hyponyms for old man?

Hyponyms for old man

old-timer antique oldtimer patriarch codger gaffer old codger old geezer

Definitions for old man

  • noun - a familiar term of address for a man
  • noun - an informal term for your father
  • noun - a man who is very old
  • noun - (slang) boss
  • noun - aromatic herb of temperate Eurasia and North Africa having a bitter taste used in making the liqueur absinthe
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    Synonyms for old man

    graybeard lad's love Methuselah Artemisia absinthium old boy common wormwood greybeard absinthe

    Antonyms for old man

    No antonyms found for old man.

    Holonyms for old man

    genus Artemisia

    Hypernyms for old man

    dysphemism oldster boss father old person hirer man male parent senior citizen wormwood adult male begetter golden ager

    Meronyms for old man

    No meronyms found for old man.

    Sounds like old man

    old-time olden Old Dominion old man old money old woman