old person

What are the hyponyms for old person?

Hyponyms for old person

centenarian fogy has-been old boy Methuselah curmudgeon fogey back-number old man old woman ancient dodderer fossil nonagenarian greybeard septuagenarian antediluvian dodo dotard octogenarian graybeard sexagenarian

Definitions for old person

  • noun - an elderly person
  • Pronounciation of old person

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    Synonyms for old person

    golden ager oldster senior citizen

    Antonyms for old person

    No antonyms found for old person.

    Holonyms for old person

    No holonyms found for old person.

    Hypernyms for old person

    adult grownup

    Meronyms for old person

    No meronyms found for old person.

    Sounds like old person

    oeil de boeuf oldwife old boy