What are the hyponyms for overclothe?

Hyponyms for overclothe

No hyponyms found for overclothe.

Definitions for overclothe

  • verb - dress too warmly; "You should not overclothe the child--she will be too hot"
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    Antonyms for overclothe

    No antonyms found for overclothe.

    Holonyms for overclothe

    No holonyms found for overclothe.

    Hypernyms for overclothe

    enclothe garment garb habilitate dress raiment fit out clothe tog apparel

    Meronyms for overclothe

    No meronyms found for overclothe.

    Sounds like overclothe

    obverse opera house operose Ophrys oppress overage overarch overcook overjoy overreach oversea overseas oversee oversew overshoe oversize overuse overwork oviparous ovoviviparous