What are the hyponyms for personage?

Hyponyms for personage

big wheel big fish colossus titan fixer high-muck-a-muck top banana figure power broker socialite high-up worthy big cheese head honcho behemoth elder statesman influence peddler pooh-bah bigwig public figure powerbroker sun dignitary big shot big deal celebrity giant eminence grise heavy hitter kingmaker magnifico nepotist sacred cow very important person panjandrum big gun big enchilada famous person heavyweight Excellency hierarch kingpin name policy maker sirdar VIP high muckamuck

Definitions for personage

  • noun - a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events
  • noun - another word for person; a person not meriting identification; "a strange personage appeared at the door"
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    Synonyms for personage

    important person influential person

    Antonyms for personage

    No antonyms found for personage.

    Holonyms for personage

    No holonyms found for personage.

    Hypernyms for personage

    person mortal individual soul adult someone grownup somebody

    Meronyms for personage

    No meronyms found for personage.

    Sounds like personage

    Papaver argemone paper chain paracosm paragon Paraguayan parazoan paregmenon Parisian Parisienne Parjanya parosamia paroxysm Parseeism Parsiism parsimony parson pauperism Percina percussion Pergamum perigon perigone perigonium Persian persimmon person persona Persoonia persuasion Pharaoh's chicken