What are the hyponyms for pettifoggery?

Hyponyms for pettifoggery

No hyponyms found for pettifoggery.

Definitions for pettifoggery

  • noun - a quarrel about petty points
  • Pronounciation of pettifoggery

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    Synonyms for pettifoggery

    tiff bicker squabble bickering fuss spat

    Antonyms for pettifoggery

    No antonyms found for pettifoggery.

    Holonyms for pettifoggery

    No holonyms found for pettifoggery.

    Hypernyms for pettifoggery

    words quarrel run-in wrangle dustup row

    Meronyms for pettifoggery

    No meronyms found for pettifoggery.

    Sounds like pettifoggery

    peat bog pettifog phytophagic phytophagous Pituophis Pobeda Peak Pobedy Peak potato bug put back