What are the hyponyms for pettiness?

Hyponyms for pettiness


Definitions for pettiness

  • noun - lack of generosity in trifling matters
  • noun - the quality of being unimportant and petty or frivolous
  • noun - narrowness of mind or ideas or views
  • Pronounciation of pettiness

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    Synonyms for pettiness

    slightness littleness puniness smallness triviality

    Antonyms for pettiness

    No antonyms found for pettiness.

    Holonyms for pettiness

    No holonyms found for pettiness.

    Hypernyms for pettiness

    niggardness tightfistedness narrowness meanness parsimony closeness minginess parsimoniousness unimportance niggardliness tightness narrow-mindedness

    Meronyms for pettiness

    No meronyms found for pettiness.

    Sounds like pettiness

    padding patency patience patinise patinize patness peat moss Pedionomus petiteness pettiness petting petting zoo photomosaic pipefitting pipe fitting pitanga pithiness pittance pitting Pitymys potato mosaic potato nose potence potency Potomac pudding putting Pythoness