What are the hyponyms for plotter?

Hyponyms for plotter

angler politician

Definitions for plotter

  • noun - an instrument (usually driven by a computer) for drawing graphs or pictures
  • noun - a member of a conspiracy
  • noun - a clerk who marks data on a chart
  • noun - a planner who draws up a personal scheme of action
  • Pronounciation of plotter

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    Synonyms for plotter

    machinator mapper conspirator schemer coconspirator

    Antonyms for plotter

    No antonyms found for plotter.

    Holonyms for plotter

    conspiracy confederacy

    Hypernyms for plotter

    felon clerk crook planner instrument outlaw contriver criminal malefactor deviser

    Meronyms for plotter

    No meronyms found for plotter.

    Sounds like plotter

    palter paltry pellitory pelter philter philtre Pholiota aurea pipal tree plaiter plater platter pleader plethora plodder plotter polder polluter populated area poulterer poultry