What are the hyponyms for racketeer?

Hyponyms for racketeer


Definitions for racketeer

  • verb - carry on illegal business activities involving crime
  • noun - someone who commits crimes for profit (especially one who obtains money by fraud or extortion)
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    Synonyms for racketeer

    No synonyms found for racketeer.

    Antonyms for racketeer

    No antonyms found for racketeer.

    Holonyms for racketeer


    Hypernyms for racketeer

    criminal malefactor felon crook outlaw conduct carry on deal

    Meronyms for racketeer

    No meronyms found for racketeer.

    Sounds like racketeer

    racketeer raster reactor reciter rector rectory register registrar registry requester residuary resister resistor rest-harrow rester restharrow restore restorer rest area resuscitator roaster Rochester rocketry rock star roister roisterer rooster rosewood tree rose water roster