What are the hyponyms for rapidness?

Hyponyms for rapidness

immediateness despatch promptitude instantaneousness expedition fleetness instancy expeditiousness immediacy dispatch promptness

Definitions for rapidness

  • noun - a rate that is rapid
  • Pronounciation of rapidness

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    Synonyms for rapidness

    rapidity speediness celerity quickness

    Antonyms for rapidness

    No antonyms found for rapidness.

    Holonyms for rapidness

    No holonyms found for rapidness.

    Hypernyms for rapidness

    pace rate

    Meronyms for rapidness

    No meronyms found for rapidness.

    Sounds like rapidness

    rabbit on raftman refutation repetition repudiation reputation rhabdomyoma Rifadin rope down rubdown rubidium rub down