What are the hyponyms for rapier?

Hyponyms for rapier

No hyponyms found for rapier.

Definitions for rapier

  • noun - a straight sword with a narrow blade and two edges
  • Pronounciation of rapier

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    Synonyms for rapier


    Antonyms for rapier

    No antonyms found for rapier.

    Holonyms for rapier

    No holonyms found for rapier.

    Hypernyms for rapier

    steel sword blade brand

    Meronyms for rapier

    No meronyms found for rapier.

    Sounds like rapier

    raper rapier rapper raver reaper reappear rebury reefer refer referee repair repairer revere reverie revery reviewer ribier Riparia ripper river Rivera River Aire Riviera robber robbery Rob Roy roofer roper rover rubber