What are the hyponyms for rapist?

Hyponyms for rapist

No hyponyms found for rapist.

Definitions for rapist

  • noun - someone who forces another to have sexual intercourse
  • Pronounciation of rapist

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    Synonyms for rapist


    Antonyms for rapist

    No antonyms found for rapist.

    Holonyms for rapist

    No holonyms found for rapist.

    Hypernyms for rapist

    assaulter outlaw attacker criminal malefactor aggressor felon assailant crook

    Meronyms for rapist

    No meronyms found for rapist.

    Sounds like rapist

    rapacity rapeseed rapist rap sheet ravaged ravigote ravigotte Rebecca West repast reposit revised revisit rhapsody riposte robust