What are the hyponyms for sailor?

Hyponyms for sailor

striker mariner Jack sea dog yachtswoman coastguardsman submariner seaman old salt water dog Navy SEAL hand tar seafarer water rat SEAL lascar Jack-tar gob yachtsman

Definitions for sailor

  • noun - a stiff hat made of straw with a flat crown
  • noun - a serviceman in the navy
  • noun - any member of a ship's crew
  • Pronounciation of sailor

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    Synonyms for sailor

    Panama hat navy man boater skimmer sailor boy leghorn straw hat crewman Panama bluejacket

    Antonyms for sailor

    No antonyms found for sailor.

    Holonyms for sailor

    No holonyms found for sailor.

    Hypernyms for sailor

    serviceman skilled worker hat military man trained worker chapeau man skilled workman lid military personnel

    Meronyms for sailor

    No meronyms found for sailor.

    Sounds like sailor

    sailor salary salwar scalar scaler Schiller scholar school year sclera sculler scullery sealer sea lawyer secular Selar seller shalwar sheller shoe collar slayer slower slur slurry soilure solar solar array solar year squalor squealer