sally out

What are the hyponyms for sally out?

Hyponyms for sally out

No hyponyms found for sally out.

Definitions for sally out

  • verb - jump out from a hiding place and surprise (someone); "The attackers leapt out from the bushes"
  • verb - set out in a sudden
  • Pronounciation of sally out

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    Synonyms for sally out

    sally forth leap out rush out burst forth

    Antonyms for sally out

    No antonyms found for sally out.

    Holonyms for sally out

    No holonyms found for sally out.

    Hypernyms for sally out

    set out start take off appear start out depart set forth set off part

    Meronyms for sally out

    No meronyms found for sally out.

    Sounds like sally out

    sacculate sacculated sackcloth salaat salad salade salat sallet sally out salt saltate salted salty salt away SALT I SALT II salute Salyut scald scaled scheelite Scheldt schoolwide school day scold Scolytidae sealed seclude secluded sellout