What are the hyponyms for scimitar?

Hyponyms for scimitar

No hyponyms found for scimitar.

Definitions for scimitar

  • noun - a curved oriental saber; the edge is on the convex side of the blade
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    Synonyms for scimitar

    No synonyms found for scimitar.

    Antonyms for scimitar

    No antonyms found for scimitar.

    Holonyms for scimitar

    No holonyms found for scimitar.

    Hypernyms for scimitar

    cavalry sword saber sabre

    Meronyms for scimitar

    No meronyms found for scimitar.

    Sounds like scimitar

    sander sanitary saunter saunterer scienter scimitar second-year secondary seconder semi-dry senator sender sentry sequenator shunter signatory signature Simhath Torah Simhat Torah Sinatra sinter smatter smoother smother smotherer snow eater snow thrower snow tire sociometry Somateria