What are the hyponyms for scofflaw?

Hyponyms for scofflaw

No hyponyms found for scofflaw.

Definitions for scofflaw

  • noun - one who habitually ignores the law and does not answer court summonses
  • Pronounciation of scofflaw

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    Synonyms for scofflaw

    No synonyms found for scofflaw.

    Antonyms for scofflaw

    No antonyms found for scofflaw.

    Holonyms for scofflaw

    No holonyms found for scofflaw.

    Hypernyms for scofflaw

    felon crook outlaw criminal malefactor

    Meronyms for scofflaw

    No meronyms found for scofflaw.

    Sounds like scofflaw

    Sabal sable sackful safely Sao Paulo save-all saveloy sawbill sawfly scapula scofflaw scoopful scopal Scopolia scuffle scuffle hoe seafowl seeable sepal Sevilla Seville sex appeal shabbily shakable shakeable shapely Shapley sheep bell shockable shoebill