What are the hyponyms for screed?

Hyponyms for screed

No hyponyms found for screed.

Definitions for screed

  • noun - an accurately levelled strip of material placed on a wall or floor as guide for the even application of plaster or concrete
  • noun - a long piece of writing
  • noun - a long monotonous harangue
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    Synonyms for screed

    No synonyms found for screed.

    Antonyms for screed

    No antonyms found for screed.

    Holonyms for screed

    No holonyms found for screed.

    Hypernyms for screed

    writing rant written material ranting strip piece of writing slip harangue

    Meronyms for screed

    No meronyms found for screed.

    Sounds like screed

    saccharide sacred sard Sarda sash cord saucer-eyed sawwort sayeret scared Scaridae scarred schrod sciarid Sciaridae Sciuridae score out scoured screed scrod seagirt seared seaward seaworthy sea squirt secret secrete security see red serrate serrated