What are the hyponyms for sensualise?

Hyponyms for sensualise

No hyponyms found for sensualise.

Definitions for sensualise

  • verb - debase through carnal gratification
  • Pronounciation of sensualise

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    Synonyms for sensualise

    sensualize carnalize carnalise

    Antonyms for sensualise

    No antonyms found for sensualise.

    Holonyms for sensualise

    No holonyms found for sensualise.

    Hypernyms for sensualise

    demoralize profane corrupt demoralise vitiate pervert debauch deprave subvert debase misdirect

    Meronyms for sensualise

    No meronyms found for sensualise.

    Sounds like sensualise

    sanicle Sanicula San Angelo San Jose scale Sao Goncalo scenically schemozzle schnozzle Schwann cell Sciaena aquila Scincella seemingly semiweekly Senegal seneschal sensual sensually sensuously shemozzle shingle shingly shining willow shockingly sickeningly single singly sinkhole sinuously skin cell smoke hole