What are the hyponyms for sir?

Hyponyms for sir

No hyponyms found for sir.

Definitions for sir

  • noun - term of address for a man
  • noun - a title used before the name of knight or baronet
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    Synonyms for sir

    No synonyms found for sir.

    Antonyms for sir

    No antonyms found for sir.

    Holonyms for sir

    No holonyms found for sir.

    Hypernyms for sir

    adult male male aristocrat man

    Meronyms for sir

    No meronyms found for sir.

    Sounds like sir

    SACEUR saguaro Sahara sahuaro Sakkara Saqqara Saqqarah Sarah saree sari saucer sauce chausseur Sauria saury Saussure Saussurea sawyer scar scare scarer scarey scare away scary sciara scissor scissure score scorer scoria scour