What are the hyponyms for slat?

Hyponyms for slat

louvre lag fin lath splat louver stave

Definitions for slat

  • verb - close the slats of (windows)
  • verb - equip or bar with slats; "Slat the windows"
  • noun - a thin strip (wood or metal)
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    Antonyms for slat

    No antonyms found for slat.

    Holonyms for slat

    No holonyms found for slat.

    Hypernyms for slat

    strip supply provide close render shut furnish

    Meronyms for slat

    No meronyms found for slat.

    Sounds like slat

    sacculate sacculated sackcloth salaat salad salade salat sallet sally out salt saltate salted salty salt away SALT I SALT II salute Salyut scald scaled scheelite Scheldt schoolwide school day scold Scolytidae sealed seclude secluded sellout