What are the hyponyms for snatcher?

Hyponyms for snatcher

seizer crimp crimper shanghaier

Definitions for snatcher

  • noun - someone who unlawfully seizes and detains a victim (usually for ransom)
  • noun - a thief who grabs and runs; "a purse snatcher"
  • Pronounciation of snatcher

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    Synonyms for snatcher

    kidnapper kidnaper abductor

    Antonyms for snatcher

    No antonyms found for snatcher.

    Holonyms for snatcher

    No holonyms found for snatcher.

    Hypernyms for snatcher

    felon thief captor crook stealer capturer outlaw criminal malefactor

    Meronyms for snatcher

    No meronyms found for snatcher.

    Sounds like snatcher

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