What are the hyponyms for sophisticate?

Hyponyms for sophisticate

cosmopolitan cosmopolite slicker

Definitions for sophisticate

  • verb - make more complex or refined; "a sophisticated design"
  • verb - alter and make impure
  • verb - practice sophistry; change the meaning of or be vague about in order to mislead or deceive; "Don't twist my words"
  • verb - make less natural or innocent; "Their manners had sophisticated the young girls"
  • noun - a worldly-wise person
  • Pronounciation of sophisticate

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    Synonyms for sophisticate

    man of the world doctor pervert doctor up convolute twist twist around

    Antonyms for sophisticate

    No antonyms found for sophisticate.

    Holonyms for sophisticate

    No holonyms found for sophisticate.

    Hypernyms for sophisticate

    adult grownup complicate load debase school civilise refine adulterate denote train rarify stretch refer cultivate elaborate dilute educate civilize

    Meronyms for sophisticate

    No meronyms found for sophisticate.

    Sounds like sophisticate

    sabicu wood Sapphic ode scabicide scapegoat scoop shot sea biscuit sebaceous cyst sebacic acid sex object sheepcote sheepshead sheep ked shipside ship biscuit Shivaist sophist spaced spaced-out spacesuit space cadet spaghetti speak out speciate specked spectate speech act speech day Sphecidae sphecoid Sphecoidea