What are the hyponyms for spat?

Hyponyms for spat


Definitions for spat

  • verb - clap one's hands together; "The children were clapping to the music"
  • verb - spawn; "oysters spat"
  • verb - engage in a brief and petty quarrel
  • verb - clap one's hands or shout after performances to indicate approval
  • verb - strike with a sound like that of falling rain; "Bullets were spatting the leaves"
  • verb - become permanently attached; "mollusks or oysters spat"
  • noun - a young oyster or other bivalve
  • verb - come down like raindrops; "Bullets were spatting down on us"
  • noun - a cloth covering (a legging) that covers the instep and ankles
  • noun - a quarrel about petty points
  • Pronounciation of spat

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    Synonyms for spat

    squabble gaiter pettifoggery bicker fuss bickering tiff clap applaud acclaim

    Antonyms for spat

    No antonyms found for spat.

    Holonyms for spat

    class Lamellibranchia Bivalvia class Pelecypoda class Bivalvia Lamellibranchia

    Hypernyms for spat

    young wrangle dustup offspring legging row leging words leg covering run-in argufy impinge on fall spawn altercate run into gesticulate quarrel hit collide with precipitate gesture dispute scrap strike attach come down motion

    Meronyms for spat

    No meronyms found for spat.

    Sounds like spat

    s-shaped Sabaoth sabbat Sabbath sabbatia sabot sackbut safety safety hat saphead sapid sapidity sapota sapote sapwood sauceboat saucepot sausage-shaped saved sawpit scaphoid scaphopod Scaphopoda Schizophyta Schizopoda scoop out seabed seafood sea boat Sepiidae