What are the hyponyms for splat?

Hyponyms for splat

No hyponyms found for splat.

Definitions for splat

  • verb - flatten on impact; "The snowballs splatted on the trees"
  • verb - split open and flatten for cooking; "splat fish over an open fire"
  • verb - give off the sound of a bullet flattening on impact
  • noun - a slat of wood in the middle of the back of a straight chair
  • noun - a single splash; "he heard a splat as it hit the floor"
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    Synonyms for splat

    No synonyms found for splat.

    Antonyms for splat

    No antonyms found for splat.

    Holonyms for splat

    No holonyms found for splat.

    Hypernyms for splat

    plash slat spline splash go flatten flatten out sound

    Meronyms for splat

    No meronyms found for splat.

    Sounds like splat

    safehold scaffold sepaloid sepiolite sheepfold Sheffield shibboleth shipload shovelhead shovel hat sibilate six-fold sixfold sky pilot sociability Soufflot soup plate spell out spelt spill out splat split spoiled spoilt squeezability sublet svelte