What are the hyponyms for squabble?

Hyponyms for squabble

No hyponyms found for squabble.

Definitions for squabble

  • verb - argue over petty things; "Let's not quibble over pennies"
  • noun - a quarrel about petty points
  • Pronounciation of squabble

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    Synonyms for squabble

    pettifoggery bickering fuss spat tiff quibble brabble niggle pettifog bicker

    Antonyms for squabble

    No antonyms found for squabble.

    Holonyms for squabble

    No holonyms found for squabble.

    Hypernyms for squabble

    words run-in quarrel dustup wrangle row fence argue contend debate

    Meronyms for squabble

    No meronyms found for squabble.

    Sounds like squabble

    Sabal sable sackful safely Sao Paulo save-all saveloy sawbill sawfly scapula scofflaw scoopful scopal Scopolia scuffle scuffle hoe seafowl seeable sepal Sevilla Seville sex appeal shabbily shakable shakeable shapely Shapley sheep bell shockable shoebill