What are the hyponyms for striper?

Hyponyms for striper

No hyponyms found for striper.

Definitions for striper

  • noun - marine food and game fish with dark longitudinal stripes; migrates upriver to spawn; sometimes placed in the genus Morone
  • noun - caught along the Atlantic coast of the United States
  • noun - a serviceman who wears stripes on the uniform to indicate rank or years of service; "he's a four-striper"
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    Synonyms for striper

    striped bass Roccus saxatilis rockfish

    Antonyms for striper

    No antonyms found for striper.

    Holonyms for striper

    Roccus genus Roccus

    Hypernyms for striper

    sea bass man bass military personnel serviceman military man

    Meronyms for striper

    No meronyms found for striper.

    Sounds like striper

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