take apart

What are the hyponyms for take apart?

Hyponyms for take apart

botanise parse botanize

Definitions for take apart

  • verb - make a mathematical
  • verb - divide into pieces; "our department was dismembered when our funding dried up"; "The Empire was discerped after the war"
  • verb - take apart into its constituent pieces
  • Pronounciation of take apart

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    Synonyms for take apart

    break down disassemble dissect dismantle analyze dismember break up analyse discerp break apart

    Antonyms for take apart

    No antonyms found for take apart.

    Holonyms for take apart

    No holonyms found for take apart.

    Hypernyms for take apart

    part destroy separate destruct divide

    Meronyms for take apart

    No meronyms found for take apart.

    Sounds like take apart

    takeover take fire take for take over tax-free taxi fare taxpayer Tewkesbury Texas fever thus far tick fever tick over tissue paper tug-of-war Tycho Brahe