What are the hyponyms for thief?

Hyponyms for thief

booster dacoit peculator holdup man pickpocket plagiarizer plunderer despoiler rustler cracksman snitcher shoplifter dakoit graverobber stickup man cutpurse plagiariser pillager raider cattle thief snatcher bandit lifter embezzler ghoul larcenist dip literary pirate looter freebooter safebreaker sneak thief brigand burglar defalcator body snatcher larcener plagiarist pirate spoiler robber safecracker pilferer

Definitions for thief

  • noun - a criminal who takes property belonging to someone else with the intention of keeping it or selling it
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    Antonyms for thief

    No antonyms found for thief.

    Holonyms for thief

    No holonyms found for thief.

    Hypernyms for thief

    crook outlaw criminal malefactor felon

    Meronyms for thief

    No meronyms found for thief.

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    T.B. tab tabby tabi taboo tabu taffy Taif Taipeh Taipei tap tap-off tapa tape taphephobia tappa taupe TB Teddy boy teeoff teepee tee off tee up teff tepee ThB thebe theta wave thief thieve