What are the hyponyms for thug?

Hyponyms for thug


Definitions for thug

  • noun - an aggressive and violent young criminal
  • Pronounciation of thug

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    Synonyms for thug

    goon strong-armer punk hood tough hoodlum toughie

    Antonyms for thug

    No antonyms found for thug.

    Holonyms for thug

    No holonyms found for thug.

    Hypernyms for thug

    crook outlaw criminal malefactor felon

    Meronyms for thug

    No meronyms found for thug.

    Sounds like thug

    3TC t'ai chi Ta'ziyeh Tacca Taccaceae tach tack tacky taco taco sauce Tadjik Tadzhik Taegu tag Tagus taichi tai chi Tajik Tajiki taka takahe Takakkaw take take-away takeaway take away take a joke take issue taoiseach Taos