What are the hyponyms for traitor?

Hyponyms for traitor

Judas fifth columnist collaborator saboteur collaborationist traitress quisling

Definitions for traitor

  • noun - a person who says one thing and does another
  • noun - someone who betrays his country by committing treason
  • Pronounciation of traitor

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    Synonyms for traitor

    double-crosser treasonist double-dealer two-timer betrayer

    Antonyms for traitor

    No antonyms found for traitor.

    Holonyms for traitor

    No holonyms found for traitor.

    Hypernyms for traitor

    deceiver beguiler crook cheat slicker outlaw cheater criminal malefactor trickster felon

    Meronyms for traitor

    No meronyms found for traitor.

    Sounds like traitor

    tartar Tartary teeter-totter teetertotter territory tertiary Tertry third-year thirty-three threader three-hitter thwarter titrator toreador Torrey tree torture torturer tourtiere to order trader traitor treater trotter