What are the hyponyms for twofer?

Hyponyms for twofer

No hyponyms found for twofer.

Definitions for twofer

  • noun - a coupon that allows the holder to purchase two items (as two tickets to a play) for the price of one
  • noun - an offer of two for the price of one
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    Synonyms for twofer

    No synonyms found for twofer.

    Antonyms for twofer

    No antonyms found for twofer.

    Holonyms for twofer

    No holonyms found for twofer.

    Hypernyms for twofer

    offering coupon voucher offer

    Meronyms for twofer

    No meronyms found for twofer.

    Sounds like twofer

    T-bar tabor Tabora tabour taper tapir tapper teaberry teddy bear Tevere thievery Tiber tibia vara Tibur tide over tipper tip over titfer tooth fairy toper topiary topper Tuber two-by-four twofer