What are the hyponyms for unsex?

Hyponyms for unsex

alter emasculate vasectomise neuter demasculinize spay demasculinise castrate vasectomize

Definitions for unsex

  • verb - make infertile; "in some countries
  • verb - remove the qualities typical of one's sex; "She unsexed herself"
  • verb - deprive of sex or sexual powers
  • Pronounciation of unsex

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    Synonyms for unsex

    sterilize desexualise sterilise fix desex desexualize

    Antonyms for unsex

    No antonyms found for unsex.

    Holonyms for unsex

    No holonyms found for unsex.

    Hypernyms for unsex

    operate on modify operate deprive change strip alter divest

    Meronyms for unsex

    No meronyms found for unsex.

    Sounds like unsex

    No words sound like unsex.