What are the hyponyms for vest?

Hyponyms for vest

bulletproof vest ordinate enthrone order throne ordain crown consecrate coronate

Definitions for vest

  • verb - clothe formally; especially in ecclesiastical robes
  • verb - clothe oneself in ecclesiastical garments
  • verb - become legally vested; "The property vests in the trustees"
  • verb - place (authority
  • verb - provide with power and authority; "They vested the council with special rights"
  • noun - a collarless men's undergarment for the upper part of the body
  • noun - a man's sleeveless garment worn underneath a coat
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    Synonyms for vest

    singlet undershirt waistcoat enthrone robe invest

    Antonyms for vest

    No antonyms found for vest.

    Holonyms for vest

    No holonyms found for vest.

    Hypernyms for vest

    undergarment unmentionable enclothe garment dress up install garb habilitate change hands instal dress raiment fit out change owners clothe tog apparel give

    Meronyms for vest

    No meronyms found for vest.

    Sounds like vest

    V-J Day vacate vacuity vaquita vast vegetate vege out vesicate vest Vesta vested vexed vibist vice squad vicissitude visaged viscid viscidity viscosity Visigoth visit vista vivacity vivisect voiced