What are the hyponyms for vesture?

Hyponyms for vesture

accouterment clothes attire blue civilian garb garment hand wear leisure wear nightwear overclothes slops threads woman's clothing apparel array garb change plain clothes grey headdress loungewear sleepwear protective garment street clothes duds work-clothing accessory wearing apparel raiment beachwear civilian clothing drag gray headgear man's clothing nightclothes ready-to-wear tailor-made uniform work-clothes accoutrement dress regalia black civilian dress footwear handwear knitwear neckpiece outerwear slip-on togs vestiture

Definitions for vesture

  • verb - provide or cover with a cloak
  • noun - a covering designed to be worn on a person's body
  • noun - something that covers or cloaks like a garment; "fields in a vesture of green"
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    Synonyms for vesture

    wear wearable clothing habiliment article of clothing

    Antonyms for vesture

    No antonyms found for vesture.

    Holonyms for vesture

    No holonyms found for vesture.

    Hypernyms for vesture

    covering natural covering cover consumer goods garb habilitate dress raiment fit out clothe tog apparel enclothe garment

    Meronyms for vesture

    No meronyms found for vesture.

    Sounds like vesture

    vector vesicatory vestiary vestiture vestry vesture Vichy water victor Victoria victory visitor