What are the hyponyms for veteran?

Hyponyms for veteran


Definitions for veteran

  • adjective - rendered competent through trial and experience; "a seasoned traveler"; "veteran steadiness"; "a veteran officer"
  • noun - an experienced person who has been through many battles; someone who has given long service
  • noun - a person who has served in the armed forces
  • noun - a serviceman who has seen considerable active service; "the veterans laughed at the new recruits"
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    Synonyms for veteran

    seasoned warhorse ex-serviceman old-timer old stager veteran soldier oldtimer stager old hand vet

    Antonyms for veteran

    No antonyms found for veteran.

    Holonyms for veteran

    American Legion Veterans of Foreign Wars VFW

    Hypernyms for veteran

    expert military personnel serviceman military man man

    Meronyms for veteran

    No meronyms found for veteran.

    Sounds like veteran

    veteran vitrine