What are the hyponyms for walk?

Hyponyms for walk

somnambulation march prowl shuffling saunter foot last mile walk-through catwalk pavement ambulation noctambulism marching shamble wading stroll hike moonwalk flagging skywalk sleepwalking noctambulation plodding shambling amble perambulation hiking turn ambulatory mall somnambulism gait plod shuffle promenade constitutional tramp walkabout boardwalk sidewalk tread down falter hoof shlep ambulate pussyfoot ruffle cock limp scuffle coggle waddle trudge tippytoe reel careen stump tread clomp exhibit constitutionalize lollop bumble hoof it perambulate sneak wade prance sleepwalk gimp mosey totter stride pad stalk keel flounder lumber slouch process trot tramp down tap spacewalk toe walk about mouse tittup strut somnambulate hobble skulk dodder slog tiptoe flounce lurch stomp pound mince step trample stumble leg it traipse walk around creep swagger sashay slink hitch toddle paddle footslog tip stagger swag stamp pace clump parade

Definitions for walk

  • noun - (baseball) an advance to first base by a batter who receives four balls; "he worked the pitcher for a base on balls"
  • noun - the act of traveling by foot; "walking is a healthy form of exercise"
  • noun - the act of walking somewhere; "he took a walk after lunch"
  • noun - a slow gait of a horse in which two feet are always on the ground
  • noun - careers in general; "it happens in all walks of life"
  • verb - obtain a base on balls
  • verb - give a base on balls to
  • verb - take a walk; go for a walk; walk for pleasure; "The lovers held hands while walking"; "We like to walk every Sunday"
  • verb - use one's feet to advance; advance by steps; "Walk
  • verb - make walk; "He walks the horse up the mountain"; "Walk the dog twice a day"
  • verb - accompany or escort; "I'll walk you to your car"
  • verb - traverse or cover by walking; "Walk the tightrope"; "Paul walked the streets of Damascus"; "She walks 3 miles every day"
  • verb - walk at a pace; "The horses walked across the meadow"
  • verb - be or act in association with; "We must walk with our dispossessed brothers and sisters"; "Walk with God"
  • verb - live or behave in a specified manner; "walk in sadness"
  • noun - a path set aside for walking; "after the blizzard he shoveled the front walk"
  • noun - manner of walking; "he had a funny walk"
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    Synonyms for walk

    walk of life manner of walking base on balls pass walkway walking paseo take the air

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    Holonyms for walk

    No holonyms found for walk.

    Hypernyms for walk

    travel career posture accomplishment traveling calling path achievement travelling vocation carriage locomotion gait bearing hit go oblige track get over pace comport tally move obligate cover get across consociate rack up locomote accompany cross cut through associate score play compel traverse pass over cut across behave

    Meronyms for walk

    No meronyms found for walk.

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    Wales Walesa walk walkaway walkway walk away Wallace welch Welles Wells Welsh whale louse wheel-like wheelhouse wheelless wheel lock whelk Wilkes willies Willis willow oak Will Hays