What are the hyponyms for womanizer?

Hyponyms for womanizer

Don Juan skirt chaser Lothario masher wolf Casanova woman chaser

Definitions for womanizer

  • noun - a man who likes many women and has short sexual relationships with them
  • Pronounciation of womanizer

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    Synonyms for womanizer

    philanderer womaniser

    Antonyms for womanizer

    No antonyms found for womanizer.

    Holonyms for womanizer

    No holonyms found for womanizer.

    Hypernyms for womanizer

    man libertine adult male debauchee rounder

    Meronyms for womanizer

    No meronyms found for womanizer.

    Sounds like womanizer

    No words sound like womanizer.