What are the meronyms for bachelor?

Meronyms for bachelor

No meronyms found for bachelor.

Definitions for bachelor

  • verb - lead a bachelor's existence
  • noun - a man who has never been married
  • noun - a knight of the lowest order; could display only a pennon
  • Pronounciation of bachelor

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    Synonyms for bachelor

    knight bachelor bachelor-at-arms unmarried man bach

    Antonyms for bachelor

    No antonyms found for bachelor.

    Holonyms for bachelor

    No holonyms found for bachelor.

    Hyponyms for bachelor

    No hyponyms found for bachelor.

    Hypernyms for bachelor

    knight man adult male live

    Sounds like bachelor

    bachelor bacillar bacillary basic color basic colour basilar basilary bee killer beguiler bicolor bicolour bicycler bookseller book seller buckler bugler bush lawyer