What are the meronyms for parsimony?

Meronyms for parsimony

No meronyms found for parsimony.

Definitions for parsimony

  • noun - extreme stinginess
  • noun - extreme care in spending money; reluctance to spend money unnecessarily
  • Pronounciation of parsimony

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    Synonyms for parsimony

    niggardliness tightfistedness niggardness closeness meanness parsimoniousness thrift minginess tightness penny-pinching

    Antonyms for parsimony

    No antonyms found for parsimony.

    Holonyms for parsimony

    No holonyms found for parsimony.

    Hyponyms for parsimony

    smallness miserliness pettiness littleness

    Hypernyms for parsimony

    frugalness stinginess frugality

    Sounds like parsimony

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