sow thistle

What are the meronyms for sow thistle?

Meronyms for sow thistle

No meronyms found for sow thistle.

Definitions for sow thistle

  • noun - any of several Old World coarse prickly-leaved shrubs and subshrubs having milky juice and yellow flowers; widely naturalized; often noxious weeds in cultivated soil
  • Pronounciation of sow thistle

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    Synonyms for sow thistle

    milk thistle

    Antonyms for sow thistle

    No antonyms found for sow thistle.

    Holonyms for sow thistle

    Sonchus genus Sonchus

    Hyponyms for sow thistle

    milkweed Sonchus oleraceus

    Hypernyms for sow thistle

    shrub bush

    Sounds like sow thistle

    sadist sawdust sawtoothed-edged Schick test seed coat set-aside set aside set shot Shaktist side-to-side sit tight sixty-eight south-east south-west southeast southwest South Dakota south side St. Jude staccato stacked stacte staged stage set staghead stakeout Stichaeidae stickweed stick out stick to