How do you pronounce Cortland?

Pronounciation of Cortland

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Definitions for Cortland

  • noun - large apple with a red skin
  • Synonyms for Cortland

    No synonyms found for Cortland.

    Antonyms for Cortland

    No antonyms found for Cortland.

    Holonyms for Cortland

    No holonyms found for Cortland.

    Hyponyms for Cortland

    No hyponyms found for Cortland.

    Hypernyms for Cortland

    eating apple dessert apple

    Meronyms for Cortland

    No meronyms found for Cortland.

    Sounds like Cortland

    cartel cartwheel checkered lily chordal chortle Cordell Hull cordial cordially Courtelle courtly cowardly cradle credal creedal crotal crottal crottle crudely crude oil curdle curtail curtal curtly