Rangifer caribou

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Definitions for Rangifer caribou

  • noun - any of several large caribou living in coniferous forests of southern Canada; in some classifications included in the species Rangifer tarandus
  • Synonyms for Rangifer caribou

    woodland caribou

    Antonyms for Rangifer caribou

    No antonyms found for Rangifer caribou.

    Holonyms for Rangifer caribou

    No holonyms found for Rangifer caribou.

    Hyponyms for Rangifer caribou

    No hyponyms found for Rangifer caribou.

    Hypernyms for Rangifer caribou

    Rangifer tarandus caribou reindeer Greenland caribou

    Meronyms for Rangifer caribou

    No meronyms found for Rangifer caribou.

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