How do you pronounce acetylise?

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Definitions for acetylise

  • verb - introduce an acetyl group into (a chemical compound)
  • verb - receive substitution of an acetyl group; "the compounds acetylated"
  • Synonyms for acetylise

    acetylize acetylate

    Antonyms for acetylise

    No antonyms found for acetylise.

    Holonyms for acetylise

    No holonyms found for acetylise.

    Hyponyms for acetylise

    No hyponyms found for acetylise.

    Hypernyms for acetylise

    alter modify change

    Meronyms for acetylise

    No meronyms found for acetylise.

    Sounds like acetylise

    acaudal acetal acetyl acquittal actual actually acutely astutely asystole a good deal