How do you pronounce angel?

Pronounciation of angel

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Definitions for angel

  • noun - the highest waterfall; has more than one leap; flow varies seasonally
  • noun - spiritual being attendant upon God
  • noun - invests in a theatrical production
  • noun - person of exceptional holiness
  • Synonyms for angel

    saint holy man Angel Falls holy person backer

    Antonyms for angel

    No antonyms found for angel.

    Holonyms for angel

    celestial hierarchy

    Hyponyms for angel

    seraph Buddha faquir guardian spirit fakir archangel guardian angel fakeer cherub divine messenger faqir

    Hypernyms for angel

    patron sponsor spiritual being supporter supernatural being good person

    Meronyms for angel

    No meronyms found for angel.

    Sounds like angel

    ammoniacal Amoxil anagogical Angel angle Anglia Angola Anguilla Anguillula ankle annexal Annie Oakley annoyingly anonymously anxiously