How do you pronounce appendicularia?

Pronounciation of appendicularia

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Definitions for appendicularia

  • noun - free-swimming tadpole-shaped pelagic tunicate resembling larvae of other tunicates
  • Synonyms for appendicularia

    No synonyms found for appendicularia.

    Antonyms for appendicularia

    No antonyms found for appendicularia.

    Holonyms for appendicularia

    genus Appendicularia

    Hyponyms for appendicularia

    No hyponyms found for appendicularia.

    Hypernyms for appendicularia

    tunicate urochordate urochord

    Meronyms for appendicularia

    No meronyms found for appendicularia.

    Sounds like appendicularia

    abeyant abient abominate abound above-named ab initio affiant affined affinity aphanite append appoint appointed appointee