How do you pronounce automatise?

Pronounciation of automatise

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Definitions for automatise

  • verb - make automatic or control or operate automatically; "automatize the production"; "automate the movement of the robot"
  • verb - turn into an automaton
  • Synonyms for automatise

    automatize automate

    Antonyms for automatise

    No antonyms found for automatise.

    Holonyms for automatise

    No holonyms found for automatise.

    Hyponyms for automatise

    semi-automatize semi-automatise

    Hypernyms for automatise

    change alter modify

    Meronyms for automatise

    No meronyms found for automatise.

    Sounds like automatise

    adamant addend adenoid Adenota adient admit adnate atonement attained attainment attaint attend attended attendee attend to attenuate attenuated at hand autoimmunity automat automate automated