How do you pronounce blaeberry?

Pronounciation of blaeberry

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Definitions for blaeberry

  • noun - erect European blueberry having solitary flowers and blue-black berries
  • Synonyms for blaeberry

    Viccinium myrtillus bilberry whortleberry whinberry

    Antonyms for blaeberry

    No antonyms found for blaeberry.

    Holonyms for blaeberry

    No holonyms found for blaeberry.

    Hyponyms for blaeberry

    No hyponyms found for blaeberry.

    Hypernyms for blaeberry

    blueberry blueberry bush

    Meronyms for blaeberry

    No meronyms found for blaeberry.

    Sounds like blaeberry

    balefire Balfour ball of fire ball over belabor belabour belfry believer belly whopper bell pepper bilberry bill of fare blabber blaeberry blooper blow over blubber blubberer blubbery blueberry bluffer boil over Bolivar bowl over bubble over buffalo bur bulbar bullbrier