How do you pronounce chard?

Pronounciation of chard

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Definitions for chard

  • noun - long succulent whitish stalks with large green leaves
  • noun - beet lacking swollen root; grown as a vegetable for its edible leaves and stalks
  • Synonyms for chard

    chard plant Swiss chard Beta vulgaris cicla spinach beet leaf beet

    Antonyms for chard

    No antonyms found for chard.

    Holonyms for chard

    No holonyms found for chard.

    Hyponyms for chard

    No hyponyms found for chard.

    Hypernyms for chard

    beet greens common beet green Beta vulgaris leafy vegetable

    Meronyms for chard

    No meronyms found for chard.

    Sounds like chard

    carat card cardia Cardiidae cardioid caret Caretta carotid carrot carroty carry out cart carte cart away caryatid Caryota cashcard cash card Casuaridae cerate cert Certhia Certhiidae certitude charade chard chariot charity chart checkered