How do you pronounce condenser?

Pronounciation of condenser

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Definitions for condenser

  • noun - an electrical device characterized by its capacity to store an electric charge
  • noun - lens used to concentrate light on an object
  • noun - a hollow coil that condenses by abstracting heat
  • noun - an apparatus that converts vapor into liquid
  • Synonyms for condenser

    capacitor capacitance electrical condenser optical condenser

    Antonyms for condenser

    No antonyms found for condenser.

    Holonyms for condenser

    No holonyms found for condenser.

    Hyponyms for condenser

    bypass condenser electrolytic condenser trimming capacitor bypass capacitor Leiden jar Abbe condenser electrolytic Leyden jar Liebig condenser electrolytic capacitor trimmer reflux condenser

    Hypernyms for condenser

    electrical device coil lens apparatus lense setup lens system

    Meronyms for condenser

    No meronyms found for condenser.

    Sounds like condenser

    cachinnation Camden Canada anemone Canadian canteen canton cementum centime centimo cimetidine cismontane cognation cognition comedian comedienne comedown come down commendation commination committeeman committeewoman common thyme common time commotion commutation condemn condition condom condominium condone