How do you pronounce cornice?

Pronounciation of cornice

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Definitions for cornice

  • verb - furnish with a cornice
  • noun - the topmost projecting part of an entablature
  • noun - a molding at the corner between the ceiling and the top of a wall
  • noun - a decorative framework to conceal curtain fixtures at the top of a window casing
  • Synonyms for cornice

    valance valance board pelmet

    Antonyms for cornice

    No antonyms found for cornice.

    Holonyms for cornice

    No holonyms found for cornice.

    Hyponyms for cornice

    No hyponyms found for cornice.

    Hypernyms for cornice

    projection molding moulding framework supply provide render furnish

    Meronyms for cornice

    No meronyms found for cornice.

    Sounds like cornice

    carancha Caranx care a hang caring carnage Carnegie Carnegiea Casuarinaceae ceramic ceramics ceremonious cernuous ceruminous chariness charming cheering Cheremis Cheremiss chiromance chiromancy Chironomus chorionic chronic churning co-occurrence cocksureness coherence coherency cooccurring cormose